Drivers Reported or Warned – Warwickshire

A TOTAL of 17 drivers were stopped and received warnings for excess speed on Dalehouse Lane, Kenilworth on Tuesday 25 August 2020 as part of ongoing speed and traffic related enforcement taking place across the county by Warwickshire Police between Monday 24 August and Thursday 27 August 2020.

Of the 21 locations across the county 8 were situated in South Warwickshire with Dalehouse Lane, Kenilworth recording the highest number of drivers by a significant margin being stopped and warned about excess speed.

Countywide 2 drivers were reported for using a mobile phone while driving, 1 vehicle was seized for having no insurance, a vehicle failed to stop using cloned (false) number plates, 2 drivers were reported for tyre and lighting offences with another driver being reported for a non-compliant vehicle registration number plate.

As part of this week’s activity education and advice was also given concerning speed, (including lighting and stopping distances in the wet weather). Some of the speed and vehicle safety checks took place at sites where fatal road traffic collisions have occurred in the past.

Warwickshire Police say they are committed to ensuring the county’s roads are as safe as possible and consequently will continue to carry out these checks and operations.


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