VW Camper Van Stolen & Bogus Telephone Calls – Kenilworth

Stolen Motor Vehicle

Please be aware that between 12.30hrs and 16.00hrs on Sunday 11 October 2020 offenders stole a white VW T4 Camper van that was parked at the The Brays Car Park, Castle Road, Kenilworth.

This is incident  289 of 11 October 2020

Bogus Telephone Calls

Residents are being advised not to continue with telephone calls that purport to from the police and that which involve or request bank details. There have been several cases recently, some in Kenilworth, where householders, particularly the elderly, have received calls and been asked to pay sums of money to clear Covid-19 fines that are suggested to have been made by other family members.

There have been other similar calls where it has been suggested that the householder must not tell anyone about the call with the suggestion that “it’s part of a undercover police operation’. These suggestions are untrue and a scam. In one case a scam call a significant sum of money, running into thousands of pounds, has been taken from a victim of such calls.

Please be aware, the police NEVER ask for money or bank details and please advise any vulnerable or elderly person who  you may know or care for.

If you think you may have seen or heard anything suspicious or have any information about this incident then please contact Warwickshire Police on 101 or you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111


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