Policing Activity near Kenilworth

Here at Kenilworth Watch we thought we’d outline some of the stuff that went on yesterday in the nearby district with our police service protecting and keeping us safe….

  • The day started out with the Jaguar X Type that got it completely wrong at a crossroads on the Fosse Way first thing in the morning, colliding with a large tree and then into a house. Unbelievably the driver provided a negative breath test and suffered only minor injuries but will be reported.
  • A Mercedes was seized near Ryton-on-Dunsmore because the driver has been permanently residing in the UK for over a year, but had failed to register the vehicle in the UK, meaning it won’t have had an MOT nor were they paying road tax.
  • An Audi was stopped near Tollbar as it tried to evade us, doing laps of the A45/A423. We soon found out why – the driver had no insurance. A call to immigration also confirmed that two of the occupants were here illegally so they were arrested and taken to custody at the request of immigration so they can be deported.
  • And last but by no means least, we followed a Ford Focus up the A46 near Leamington into Coventry doing over 100mph including through the 40mph limit on the approach to Whitley roundabout. It took us nearly a mile to stop the vehicle as the driver “didn’t realise we were following him” 🤦🏼‍♂️ the driver claimed to hold a foreign driving licence but was unable to produce this to us. To top it off, all 4 tyres were below the legal tread limit. We’ve seized the vehicle and reported the driver to court.

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