1,100 Kenilworth Residents now on Watch!

We are pleased at Kenilworth Watch to confirm that we now have over 1,100 residents who have signed up to receive our automatic 24/7 crime alerts to their personal email address. It’s a free service operated by volunteers and the alerts we send out are with recipients by email within one minute of them being transmitted.

Available on your smartphone, tablet or computer and also tweeted out too the service seeks to keep Kenilworth residents informed of what is going on and what to keep an eye out for. The service also is designed to support the Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers of our Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Kenilworth Watch started many years ago as Crown Watch looking after the northern end of Windy Arbour but as time and technology moved on Crown Watch disbanded and it was decided to provide crime and community alerts to the whole of Kenilworth. Our website has grown ever since in terms of those that have signed up to receive our automatic alerts. We have also successfully started a CCTV register with nearly 60 households now listed and who can help the police in pursuing enquiries.

A spokesperson for Kenilworth Watch said “We believe such a high level of engagement by the community makes a real difference in terms of having a vigilant and caring community. The scale of coverage and support has been achieved by the community and volunteers working together. We are really pleased that we look forward to 2021 with over 1,100 people who have signed up and we’d encourage others to join them so they too can keep informed and up to date, a massive thanks is due to all those in our community that care.

If you’d like to receive the automatic crime alerts then just enter your email address in the subscribe box on our website. There’s no charge, advertising or passing or use of your personal data and we are registered with the ICO ensuring full compliance with GDPR.


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