COVID -19 Update – Warwickshire Police

KENILWORTH WATCH has been informed by Warwickshire Police that over the weekend the following took place related to the current COVID -19 restrictions:

  • Two people were reported for fines after they were found training at a gym in Nuneaton on Friday (8 Jan) afternoon.
  • One person was reported for a fine on Friday night following a report of regular visitors to a house in Murray Road, Nuneaton.
  • People were reported for fines following a report of a house party in Tile Lane, Nuneaton on Friday night.
  • Two people reported for fines for being in Stratford with no reasonable exemption to leave home.
  • A householder was reported for a fine following a report of a party with 15-20 people at Station Road, Polesworth on Saturday (9 Jan) evening.
  • A man was reported for a fine in Green Lane, Studley for breach of travel quarantine On Sunday (10 Jan) morning.
  • The owner of a house in The Avenue, Rowington was reported for a fine following a report of having visitors.

Assistant Chief Constable Alex Franklin-Smith says:

“We are now a week into the current lockdown, and while the majority of people in Warwickshire are following the rules, we are continuing to see some ignore the restrictions and choose to put others at risk.

“There are some clear messages coming from our health colleagues about the huge pressures on the NHS and the importance of everyone following the rules to bring down the number of infections.

We know this is difficult and frustrating, but we must all take personal responsibility for our actions and play our part in protecting ourselves and others. Our officers will continue to engage with people and explain the rules, but the expectation now is that people do understand the situation and must have a reasonable excuse for being away from their home, as set out by the Government. If this is not the case, they will face a fine.”

If you have any concerns about possible breaches of the rules, you can report those to Warwickshire Police online at

To help protect ourselves and our loved ones we must all stay at home apart from exceptional circumstances.

The latest national lockdown guidance is here: visit


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