Covid-19 Restrictions – More Fines Issued in Kenilworth

KENILWORTH’s SAFER NEIGHBOURHOOD TEAM issued fines for a breach of the current Covid-19 lockdown restrictions whilst they were on patrol on Friday evening (15 January 2021) when they came across a vehicle parked up on Castle Road, Kenilworth.

Inside were two young adults .. it was ascertained that they did not live together (nor are they in a support bubble), they were not in Kenilworth “for exercise” and both were from Coventry.

This was not essential and consequently both have been fined £200.00.

Warwickshire Police are taking a robust approach where it is clear the current lockdown restrictions are being flouted. They said the event in Kenilworth on Friday evening demonstrates how the virus spreads, They request that everyone please follow the law and stay at home unless their journey is essential.


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