Banking staff & Police prevent pensioner being scammed

WARWICKSHIRE POLICE are appealing to senior members of the community, individuals who are vulnerable and those that may care for them to be vigilant particularly when it comes to unsolicited telephone calls being received that appear to be from banks, HMRC, the police, the NHS or other similar organisations.

The appeal has been renewed after Banking staff in Kenilworth acted promptly and contacted Kenilworth Police as a 90yr old member of the community attended the bank and tried to withdraw thousands of pounds from his account.

Thankfully the bank staff and police prevented what was a scam from succeeding. Kenilworth Watch would like to thank both the local banking staff and our police for the way they supported the elderly member of the community, prevented what would have been subsequent distress to him and stopped a crime. The event highlights how plausible these telephone calls can be and how they can easily lead to people losing a considerable amount of their money and savings.

Warwickshire Police would like to stress that no one should withdraw money, provide personal details or their banking details in response to any unsolicited telephone call, text or email.

Anyone receiving such a telephone call is advised to say nothing and replace the receiver immediately. The organisations that these criminals impersonate to scam money DO NOT contact individuals in such a way.

If you care for an elderly or vulnerable person please make them aware to ignore these type of calls and to not provide any personal details.


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