Doorstep Callers – Kenilworth

WARWICKSHIRE POLICE are currently dealing with a number of reports of doorstep callers known commonly as “Nottingham Knockers” calling at addresses across Kenilworth including Dalehouse Lane, Beehive Hill, Albion Street, Arthur Street, School Lane.

Officers have intercepted persons and seized some stock from them. At this point no offences have been disclosed and police patrols are ongoing.

Kenilworth residents are advised that they should take care when choosing to open their doors to unexpected callers and doorstep sellers. If in doubt please don’t answer or open the door.

Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team policing team would like to thank several Kenilworth residents who contacted Warwickshire Police promptly today which has led to the interception of persons selling at doorsteps without a legitimate peddlers licence.


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