Graffiti Vandals in Kenilworth – Identity Sought

WARWICKSHIRE POLICE are today (Tuesday 15 June 2021) appealing for local people to look at images that they have released in relation to graffiti that has been placed on buildings and structures around the town.

Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), which form Warwickshire Police’s local police officers for Kenilworth, are asking if anyone can identify the individuals in the images that they have released and which are believed to linked to Graffiti Vandalism in Kenilworth.

There have been a number of graffiti incidents in Kenilworth and Kenilworth’s SNT believe the individuals can assist with enquiries.

If you have information that can help please call 101 quoting reference 272 of 27 May 2021.


2 Replies to “Graffiti Vandals in Kenilworth – Identity Sought”

  1. Hi Fraser.The level of crime seems to of quadrupled lately or is it just through this website that now it is reported that it seems high. Whatever happened to my sleepy little home town??Sent from my Galaxy

    1. Anthony – thanks for your feedback. You have effectively answered your question. There is no doubt that because we communicate every burglary and most thefts and many places do not it can easily create an incorrect perception that Kenilworth is a hotbed for crime.

      The dilemma is do we keep people advised or do we only communicate crimes that exceed a threshold such as value of property taken or aggravated elements. We, along with Kenilworth’s SNT, believe that on balance that people prefer “bad” news rather than no news.

      Consequently, we do report the incidents we do. If you look on Police UK’s website you can compare our level of crime with other areas and the data demonstrates we are not an exception with lesser or greater amounts of crime.

      I hope this is helpful and may I thank you for taking the time to write to me with your feedback. It has made me think that it would worth doing a post that sets out what I have said to you but which includes some comparative data to back it up.

      This would hopefully reassure people that timely and effective communication does not mean crime is high or higher than elsewhere, it’s just that people in Kenilworth are better informed and able, if they do wish or need, to take measures to address any shortcomings or vulnerabilities.

      Best wishes. Fraser

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