Kenilworth Residents don’t fall victim to email scams

RESIDENTS ACROSS KENILWORTH are being advised to examine very closely emails that may arrive in their inbox that suggest they are from official sources such as the NHS or the Government.

The advice from Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team comes as several residents have received emails that at first sight look convincing and may lead to the recipients inadvertently clicking on the link in the email which is what the fraudsters sending the email want unsuspecting people to do.

Some emails or texts are quite obviously scams but as criminals become more adept at this activity so do their techniques and they improve the scam emails/texts so they look and seem much more authentic like the one shown below.

Please check your emails carefully and do not open links or emails that you are not expecting from official organisations. They NEVER ask for personal details so anything that asks you for such details is almost certainly not what it may seem to be.

The two example scam emails shown above have been received by some residents in Kenilworth earlier today (25 June 2021). Please keep a special eye out if you help look after a vulnerable or elderly friend or relative.


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