Spate of Vehicle Crime – Kenilworth & Warwick Rural East & West Areas

OWNERS OF MOTOR VEHICLES are being advised by Warwickshire Police to ensure their vehicles are secure and are not left unattended with valuable items inside. The advice comes after a spate of vehicle crimes have occurred over the past few days in the Kenilworth and Warwick Rural East & West areas.

Over the past few days, in one case a motor vehicle was stolen, while in others items were taken with damage done to the vehicles to enable offenders to gain entry to the contents inside the vehicles.

Warwickshire Police’s advice is simple; Do NOT leave items of any value in motor vehicles. In July and August to date there have been several incidents where items such as wallets, bank cards, mobile phones, iPads and tablet computers have been left in vehicles causing the vehicles to have windows smashed and/or doors forced to enable offenders to steal the items.

The latest events to have taken place in the wider area in addition to those already listed earlier on a previous Kenilworth Watch Crime Alert, are as follows;

Vehicle Crime – Honiley

Between 18:00hrs Wednesday 11 August 2021 and 08:00hrs Thursday 12 August 2021 unknown offender(s) stole a silver Land Rover Defender pick-up that was parked on the grounds of Honiley Court Hotel, Honiley. The vehicle had a metal cage and company details on the rear.

This is incident 60 of 12 August 2021

Vehicle Crime – Leek Wootton

Overnight Thursday 12 August 2021 into the morning of Friday 13 August 2021 unknown offender(s) forced entry into a blue Land Rover Defender that was parked on the grounds of The Warwickshire Golf and Country Club, Leek Wootton. Unknown offender(s) smashed the front windows and searched inside the vehicle. It is not known at present what was/if anything was stolen.

This is incident 47 of 13 August 2021

Vehicle Crime – Little Shrewley

Between 00:01hrs and 18:10hrs Thursday 12 August 2021 unknown offender(s) stole both front and rear vehicle registration plates from a red BMW 1 Series that was parked at the front of a residential property on Mill Lane, Little Shrewley.

This is incident 129 of 13 August 2021

Vehicle Crime – Stoneleigh

Between 17:45hrs and 18:35hrs Tuesday 10 August 2021 unknown offender(s)forced entry into a grey Peugeot 206sw that was parked in a layby on the B4115, Stoneleigh. Offender(s) forced entry into the vehicle via the front passenger door and stole an iPhone 6s.

This is incident 72 of 11 August 2021

Vehicle Crime – Baginton

Overnight Wednesday 11-AUG-2021 into the morning of Thursday 12-AUG-2021 unknown offender(s) forced entry into a Vauxhall Astra estate that was parked in the car park of The Oak, Coventry Road, Baginton. Offender(s) smashed a rear window to gain entry. A number of items were stolen from inside the vehicle.

This is incident 62 of 12 August 2021

If you think you may have seen or heard anything suspicious or have any information about any of these incidents then please contact Warwickshire Police on 101 or alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 1111


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