Burglaries – Kenilworth

KENILWORTH RESIDENTS are being advised to remain vigilant as three burglaries have taken place over the past few days.

Between Saturday 11 September & Sunday 12 September 2021 offender/s entered a property at Thornby Avenue, Kenilworth via a rear door panel . Once inside the property the offender/s made an untidy search, possibly looking for vehicle keys, nothing was taken.

Between Tuesday 14 September & Wednesday 15 September 2021 offender/s broke into a house at Farmer Ward Road, Kenilworth via acrear door panel. Once inside an untidy search was made of the property and a quantity of money and jewellery was stolen.

This is incident 0323 of 15 September 2021

CAR KEY BURGLARY On Saturday 11 September 2021 between 2300hrs and midnight offender/s broke into a property at Windy Arbour, Kenilworth. The offenders entered the property by removing a rear door panel, once inside the offender/s made an
untidy search. A quantity of money and jewellery was stolen as well as keys to a white Hyundai A10 White motor vehicle which was was also stolen from the property.

This is incident 331 of 16 September 2021

If you think you may have seen or heard anything suspicious or have any information about any of these incidents please contact Warwickshire Police on 101 or alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 1111


2 Replies to “Burglaries – Kenilworth”

  1. Hi

    I may have missed it or maybe you weren’t aware but apparently a woman was attacked whilst doz9ng on the bench by the Forge in Kenilworth a.coupke of weeks ago.

    The attacker was a Dog. The male owner eventually called the dog off but not before it had mauled her arm and leaving the.l wounds dripping with blood. She was stunned and phased so didn’t get a description of either ut amazed no one saw anything or as their was not report may have seen the incident but did realise the gravity of what had happened.

    Now she may wish to remain anonymous but I do think the incident should be made public having been reported to the police as the owner hasn’t come forward and this was completely unprovoked..She was a tired care worker, asleep for heaven sake and what if this had been a child or elderly?

    I am amazed I have not seen it reported.

    1. Shona, The event to which you refer has not been released for coverage or appeal by Warwickshire Police. This could mean a number of things such as as it has not been reported to the police, the incident has been reported and the police are dealing with it in a way that does not require further coverage or investigations are ongoing and the police do not wish to say anything at this stage because of potentially compromising things. As to the specific circumstance that may appertain to the event you refer to we cannot comment as we have no knowledge about it. We realise that this response may appear unhelpful but we’d ask you to appreciate that our standard is based on us only posting and communicating authorised and approved incidents. Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to write to Kenilworth Watch.

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