Thefts from Vehicles – Kenilworth

LEAVING ITEMS IN CARS is causing vehicles to be damaged and property to be stolen according to Kenilworth police.

Warwickshire’s Safer Neighbourhood Team for Kenilworth say they have seen a rise in the past week of crimes involving thefts from unattended vehicles.

PC Anna Brown of Kenilworth’s SNT said “We cannot emphasise enough to people not to leave any items of value in their vehicles. Thieves are opportunists and any unattended vehicle with items left on show, even bags, boxes or coats where the contents are not obvious, is too much of a temptation for theives to let go by.”

The warning comes in the light of two of the three recent incidents listed below.

Between 0415hrs and 0610hrs on Monday 1 November 2021 offenders have made a hole in the drivers door of a Renault Berlingo Multispace motor vehicle that was parked at Hollis Lane, Kenilworth.

A Sat Nav and some gifts were stolen from inside the vehicle.

This is incident 148 of 5 November 2021

Between 0930hrs & 1025hrs on 2 November 2021 offenders have smashed the front near side window of a grey Peugeot 5008 motor vehicle that was parked at Kenilworth Wardens Cricket Club, Glasshouse Lane, Kenilworth.

A rucksack and it’s contents which was inside the vehicle was stolen.

This is incident 118 of 2 November 2021

Between midnight and 0100hrs on Friday 5 November 2021 both wing mirrors were stolen from a red Range Rover Sport motor vehicle that was parked near the Virgins & Castle public house at High Street, Kenilworth.

This is incident 69 of 5 November 2021

A spokesperson for Kenilworth Watch added

“Please think about your motor vehicle when locking and leaving it and don’t leave ANYTHING in the vehicle on show or that is of value, such as wallets, bank cards, vehicle documents and driving licences, do not leave them in a vehicle even out of sight in the glove box.

All of these items can and will be used by criminals and Kenilworth Police have over the past 12 months dealt with a number of incidents involving such items being left in vehicles, being stolen and then used by criminals.”

If you think you may have seen or heard anything suspicious or have any information about any of the incidents listed please contact Wawickshire Police on 101 or alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 1111


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