Theft & Attempted Burglary – Kenilworth

Vehicle Theft

Please be aware that between 2130hrs on Friday 3 December and 0800hrs Saturday 4 December 2021 offenders have stolen a grey Range Rover Velar from Manor Road, Kenilworth. The keys for the vehicle were not stolen indicating that this was keyless vehicle theft potentially carried out by a device intercepting the signal from the vehicle’s keys inside a property nearby.


This incident highlights the need to place keys of vehicles with keyless entry in a faraday cage or pouch and consider a steering lock cover over the steering wheel.


This is incident 104 of 4 December 2021


Attempted Burglary foiled by Anti Snap Locks


Please be aware that between 0015hrs on Thursday 3 December and 1200hrs on Saturday 4 December 2021 offenders have attempted to break into a property at Rouncil Lane, Kenilworth by attempting to force the lock off a rear conservatory door. The lock fitted was of the recommended ‘anti snap’ type which ensured that the offenders were unable to gain entry.


While regrettable that an attempt was made to enter the property the benefit and added protection of anti-snap locks is demonstrated by this incident


This is incident 201 of 4 December 2021

For more information about Anti-Snap locks please view the short video below.

For more information about these locks the local stockists are:

If you think that you may have seen, heard or have any information about either of the incidents liated above please contact Warwickshire Police on 101 or alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 1111



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