Missing Person found in Kenilworth on Christmas Eve

Dorianne from Iceland with PCSO Craig Ricardo from Warwickshire Police’s Safer Neighbourhood Team

While many people were getting ready for the Christmas holidays PCSO Craig Ricardo was busy on Christmas Eve with the many retailers in Kenilworth that he knows asking them to keep a lookout for a vulnerable missing person from the north east of England who had been missing for over a week.

At around 11am on Christmas Eve PCSO Craig Ricardo found the missing person, who it appears had been sleeping outdoors for several nights. Craig found 51 yr old Jason from Grimsby with the help of Dorianne who works at Iceland. As a result Jason, who has links to Kenilworth and who was in need of a warm and safe environment, is now on his way home thanks to Craig and PCSO Steve Sample from Warwick Safer Neighbourhood Team who came over to Kenilworth to assist.

This story belongs to Kenilworth and its Safer Neighbourhood Team, it warms the heart on a Christmas Eve and it shows the wonderful people that make up the brilliant and caring community that Kenilworth is. Craig’s perseverance is looking for the missing person has ensured a positive outcome. I am sure everyone will wish to join Kenilworth Watch in thanking Craig and indeed all those at the Safer Neighbourhood Team at Kenilworth. A Happy Christmas to all.


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