9 Arrests for Drink and Drug Driving across Warwickshire in run up to Christmas holidays

WARWICKSHIRE POLICE arrested 9 people for suspected Drink-Drive/Drug-Drive offences in the final few days before the Christmas holidays commenced. The arrests were made despite a high-profile campaign by both Warwickshire Police and the Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership that reminded drivers of the law concerning drink and drug driving.

Anyone driving a motor vehicle that is suspected to be under the influence of drink or drugs can be required to undertake a roadside test. If they refuse to take the test or provide a positive test indicating alcohol or drug use, they are arrested and taken to a police station where further investigations and tests confirm the level of any intoxication. 

As detailed below several drivers from across Warwickshire have gone through this process in the past few days.

At 2345hrs on Friday 17 December, following a road traffic collision between two cars on the A435 at Arrow, near Alcester one of the drivers provided a positive breath test and the 38yr old man from Street in Somerset was arrested on suspicion of drink driving. 

A 29yr old woman from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire was arrested just after 0400hrs on Saturday 18 December on suspicion of drink or drug driving after officers observed a group of people leaving a pub and getting into a vehicle in Chestnut Fields, Rugby.

A 33yr old man from Nuneaton was arrested at approximately 1930hrs on Monday 20 December on suspicion of drug driving in Bracebridge Street, Nuneaton after officers stopped his car and he failed a roadside drugs test.

At around 2315hrs on Tuesday 21 December officers arrested a 27yr old man from Wellesbourne on suspicion of drink driving after stopping his car in Bridge Street Wellesbourne. He was further arrested for driving without insurance and no driving licence

A 40yr old man from Clifton Upon Dunsmore, Rugby was arrested at 09.00hours on Wednesday 22 Dec on suspicion of drink or drug driving when officers were called to a road traffic collision where a car had gone off the road into some trees in Mere Lane, Wolvey.

A 52yr old man from Leamington Spa was arrested at around 0300hrs on Thurs 23 Dec on suspicion of drink driving after officers observed his driving in Stratford Road, Warwick. The driver failed a roadside breath test and was arrested.

At just after 2300hrs on Thursday 23 December a 56yr old woman from Nuneaton was arrested on suspicion of drink driving in Weddington Road, Nuneaton after being observed driving by officers who subsequently stopped the vehicle. 

A 37yr old man from Rugby was arrested at around 0300hrs on Christmas eve on suspicion of drink driving at Hillmorton, Rugby after Rugby’s CCTV operators alerted the police enabling police officers to intercept and stop the motor vehicle. The driver was arrested as he failed a roadside breath test.

Police Officers arrested a 34yr old man from Rugby at 05.30hrs on Christmas Eve on suspicion of drink driving in Ansley Lane, Ansley after his car was in collision with another motor vehicle.

Warwickshire Police are continuing their campaign as the New Year holidays approach and stressed the advice that if you are going out and wish to drink then you need to ensure someone else who is not drinking can drive or use public transport or arrange a taxi. 

They have further stressed that people who drive at twice the legal alcohol limit are at least 30 times more likely to cause a road crash than a driver who hasn’t been drinking.

Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive so the best advice is do not drink and drive and do not use drugs and drive. 


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