Telephone Scam Calls – Kenilworth


Please be aware that a number of scam telephone calls have been received by Kenilworth residents over the past few days where a caller suggests they are calling from another police force. They suggests that they have offenders in custody who have tried to use credit and bank cards that belong to the recipient of the telephone call.


The scam is the caller then suggests to the recipient that they dial 999 to verify the call ‘whilst they leave the line open’. Householders are advised NOT to make any such calls because the trick is that the line is still open (the caller does not clear the line) and you will not get through to the proper 999 service but one that purports to be the 999 service which is the original scam caller.


In essence, the offenders are trying to trick the recipients of these scam calls into providing bank and credit card details. Once the offenders have such details they will spend up to the limits on such cards.


We’d like to make it clear, and if you look after or have elderly or vulnerable relatives, friends or neighbours, ask to you to let them know about these scam telephone calls and that NO police service or legitimate organisation will ever ask for bank or dredit card details over the telephone or at the door.

Anyone receiving one of these scam calls is advised to replace the receiver and make sure before using the phone again that the proper dialling tone is present and audible – if there is no dialling tone the line could still be open to the scam caller.


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