Vehicle Theft & Arrest – Kenilworth

At approximately 0150hrs on Tuesday 17 May 2022 a black Range Rover Sport was stolen from a property at Highland Road, Kenilworth.

Police were informed immediately and spotted the stolen vehicle being driven in Manor Road, Kenilworth. The police vehicle was hit by the stolen vehicle making off towards High Street.

The stolen vehicle crashed and was abandoned nearby causing damage to a wall. A person made off from the vehicle, and was quickly arrested by police. The stolen vehicle has been recovered.

The vehicle was stolen without keys indicating that this was a “keyless vehicle theft”. This means it’s likely the vehicle has been stolen using “Keyless Theft” equipment that intercepts the signal between the vehicle and the vehicles keys.

We advise all owners of vehicles with keyless entry systems to switch off the key signal when the vehicle has been locked if they have such technology. More importantly, a steering lock device and placing the keys in a metal container or metal lined pouch is the most effective way of deterring and preventing these type of thefts.

This is incident 31 of 17 May 2022

Did you see or witness anything in relation to this incident? If so please contact Warwickshire Police on 101 or alternatively Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111


4 Replies to “Vehicle Theft & Arrest – Kenilworth”

  1. Again an other incidence of theft during the hours of darkness due to the council applying their stupid action of switching all street lighting off at the stroke of midnight.
    If you recall this action was introduced as a cost saving measure but with introduction some time ago of LED lighting they should have reverted back to having street lighting on during the hours of darkness.
    When will the council the apply the necessary action.

    1. You are, or course, entitled to your opinion but vehicles are also stolen from areas that are lit by street lighting. The critical element about this type of crime is vehicle keepers ensuring that they have turned off the keyless ignition signal in their vehicle keys or if they do not have that facility placed the keys in a metal container to make interception of the key’s signal impossible. The visible deterrent of a steering lock also puts off “keyless entry” vehicle thieves.

  2. In view of the fact the theft took place in Kenilworth after midnight it is obvious the thief took advantage of darkness which resulted after the stupid councils decision to switch the street lights off at midnight.
    Do I detect you are possibly in agreement with this action, if you are you must accept it is a major contributory factor to the thefts you are reporting.
    Possibly if the council get some sense at long last it might eliminate the need for your reporting.

    1. We are neither in favour or opposed – the matter is one for the Highway Authority, Warwickshire County Council. Consequently, your County Councillor is the person to direct your comments. You may also wish to contact the Police & Crime Commissioner.

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