Preventing Burglary – Help and Advice

FOLLOWING a number of burglaries in Kenilworth several people have asked and and enquired what they can do to protect their property and home so as to avoid becoming a victim of this invasive and often unsettling crime.

While there are a number of things one can do to deter criminals with a monitored burglar alarm being the most important, we would, in response the recent incidents, highlight the need to check and and raise the standard of door locks where they are found not to be of standard that prevents the snapping and punching through of locks, often taking less than 9 seconds.

Many doors these days are made of UPVC or composite materials and the door locks are pretty standard. More door manufacturers are now fitting anti snap locks as standard to new doors so these doors are more than adequate to prevent entry to a property by lock snapping and forcing. However, many more of the UPVC/Composite type of doors are in use at properties with patio doors the most common, closely followed by rear doors and then front doors. Unfortunately, many of these doors are older and thus do not enjoy the protection from an anti snap lock.

Anti snap locks can be fitted to existing doors fairly easily and Kenilworth Watch would advise householders to give serious consideration to fitting anti snap locks. There have been two or three properties in Kenilworth where criminals have tried to enter properties and have given up because they found anti snap locks had been fitted.

There are a number of anti snap lock suppliers and installers. However, we are very appreciative of an offer of help from Eydens of Coventry who are fully accredited locksmiths and installers. They can install anti snap locks.

Eyden Locksmiths Ltd are happy to provide a free home security survey to make sure your home is secure .

To pursue this please get in touch with Lee Warren 07784112625 or if you need any help/advice or information he will be happy to help.


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