Kenilworth Burglaries – Update

The recent rise in burglary across Kenilworth has led to understandable concern from householders. Kenilworth Watch works daily and closely with Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team. Consequently, we want to update you on a couple of things and also help residents understand some of the things they do that can help protect their homes from the unwanted attention of criminals.

A further two burglaries have been reported in the last 24 hours, details here:

Firstly, Warwickshire Police, through its Safer Neighbourhood Team for Kenilworth and its Operational Patrol Unit, are, as usual, patrolling the town 24/7. They are focused on suspicious activity and are checking vehicles and individuals they have justifiable grounds upon which to do so. Detectives are investigating those burglaries that have already taken place in the last ten days or so.

Secondly, what are the things that householders can do to help protect themselves and their property?

It may have occurred to some that there is a pattern to many of these recent burglaries. Entry to properties has primarily been obtained by snapping the lock of rear or side doors, most of which are the standard UPVC or composite doors that are fitted on most properties these days.

Lock snapping typically enables entry to a property within 9 seconds or so. This is why we make no apology for advising householders to check their locks, and if they are not of the anti-snap standard, please seriously consider having them changed.

While these burglaries are highly regrettable, and our thoughts are with the victims, it is pleasing to know that since our advice earlier in the week, over twenty properties in Kenilworth have now fitted anti-snap locks. That’s excellent news and one of the most effective ways to protect your property from burglary, with a monitored burglar alarm being another.

CCTV is another helpful tool to protect your property and capture suspicious activity. However, CCTV is not as effective as anti-snap locks or monitored burglar alarms because offenders have gotten wise to techniques to hide their identity, meaning the deterrent effect still exists, but it’s not as great as anti-snap locks and monitored burglar alarms.

We realise that people’s budgets are stretched with the cost of living significantly increasing. Nevertheless, if you have valuable property in your home, you wish to protect it. In that case, fitting anti-snap locks is a sensible decision and one that with two doors should not cost a prohibitive amount compared to the valuables you seek to protect.

It’s similar to fitting a Dislock steering lock to high-value vehicles such as Audi, Range Rover Discovery and BMW’s. While these vehicles may have include a tracker, these do not put off many thieves. The cost of the Disclock is minimal against the value of the vehicle, but it deters theft because it makes it so difficult for the criminal to steal the vehicle.

We also hope to announce soon an offer to Kenilworth residents of another, and the latest form of theft protection, for high value vehicles.

In summary, Warwickshire Police is committed to investigating and finding the offenders committing these burglaries; they are doing all they can to patrol and reassure the community while working to detect those committing these offences. Householders can help themselves by taking steps to protect their property and make it very difficult for burglars to gain entry, thus deterring them. For more information about obtaining Ultion anti-snap locks, we appreciate an offer of help from Eydens of Coventry, fully accredited locksmiths and installers.

They can install anti-snap locks. Eyden Locksmiths Ltd is happy to provide a free home security survey to ensure your home is secure. To pursue this, don’t hesitate to contact Lee Warren at 07784 112625 or; if you need any help/advice or information, Lee will be happy to help.


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