Bogus Callers – Kenilworth

Residents are warned to remain vigilant at all times after two incidences in Kenilworth over the weekend (10 September) where a bogus caller visited properties.

The incidences occurred at properties situated at Best Avenue and Lulworth Park, Kenilworth. A male person dressed in a high visibility vest called at properties stating he was a delivery driver from Amazon.

The rang the doorbell, possibly to ascertain if anyone was home. The householder answered the door and the caller said he was looking for a property for which he gave a number that does not exist. The householder shut the door and reported the incident also providing vehicle details the caller was associated with.

At a visit to another property the caller asked if the householder was waiting for a delivery. A second male was observed nearby together with a white pick up type vehicle.

It would appear that these visits maybe persons checking if a property is unoccupied. In both cases householders sent these persons on their way promptly, took what details they safely could and reported the incidences to police.

If you are in any doubt about an unexpected caller then don’t open the door. Please look out for elderly or vulnerable people that you may know or care for.

Please remember that if you see or experience anything suspicious please report it immediately to Warwickshire Police.


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  1. On Fieldgate lane gent in hi vis jacket was caught watching workmen who had a van with equipment inside. He was approached but walked off. Builders working on projects further down the lane were warned.

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