Please lock your vehicle appeal to Kenilworth residents

KENILWORTH RESIDENTS PLEASE LOCK YOUR VEHICLES….. Warwickshire Police are advising residents of Kenilworth to make sure that they always lock their motor vehicles. The appeal, which has been made by Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team, comes in the light a several incidents of parked vehicles on private drives being entered with items being stolen and/or untidy searches being made of these insecure motor vehicles.

Between Tuesday 17 January and Monday 23 January 2023 offenders have entered insecure (unlocked) motor vehicles parked at various addresses in Kenilworth including, Malthouse Lane, Barrowfield Lane, Hurst Way (off Westwood Heath Road), Southbank Road, Beehive Hill, Queens Drive, Regency Drive and Red Lane.

In all these incidents offenders were able to enter the motor vehicles as they were unlocked.

Police Community Support Officer Craig Ricardo of Kenilworth SNT said “We are appealing to all motor vehicle owners to make sure that they lock their motor vehicles wherever they are parked. We are also repeating our advice about the need to not leave any items inside parked motor vehicles which encourage offenders to break into vehicles.”

“This is a situation where vehicle owners need to help themselves as leaving a motor vehicle unlocked is providing an easy opportunity for thieves and as these recent events have shown offenders will take try their luck and take the opportunity”.

  • Please make sure that you lock your vehicle whenever you leave it unattended
  • Don’t leave items of any value in an unattended vehicle
  • Vehicles with keyless entry systems – owners please activate the sleep facility on your key or put the keys in a metal container inside your home so criminals cannot ‘talk’ to the key and start your vehicle remotely
  • Fit a robust steering lock to your vehicle, especially if it is a high value vehicle

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