Keyless Car Theft – Kenilworth

Kenilworth Watch are pleased to announce that they have produced an A5 leaflet to support Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team. The leaflet will help SNT officers when on patrol where they notice vehicles of high value or known interest to criminals. The leaflets will be popped through householders doors to help advise them about the steps they can take help deter crime.

“This is about Kenilworth watch providing tangible support and help towards Warwickshire Police and their Safer Neighbourhood Team for Kenilworth. The leaflet and advice provides practical advice and help to householders and if it deters one vehicle theft then that’s worth it” a spokesperson for Kenilworth Watch said.

The idea for the leaflet came from Kenilworth Watch after it reviewed the level of Keyless Car Theft that had been experienced in the last twelve months and some 14 motor vehicles have been stolen with a keyless entry interception device believed to have been used by the offenders.

A spokesperson from Kenilworth watch added “We can complain about the past number of vehicle thefts or we can all work together from now to reduce them. The facts are that Kenilworth is not being hit any harder than other towns and locations, there are a number of organised crime gangs that are operating and committing these offences across several counties and police forces are working together to detect, arrest and prosecute these gangs.”

“What is certain is that visible deterrents and devices that prevent the interception of key signals can pay a large part in preventing the theft of vehicles. We would also remind people of the need to fit anti snap locks to all their exterior doors as this goes a long way to prevent entry to premises if offenders are prepared to attempt burglary to access the keys for a vehicle they wish to steal.”

For more information and advice about Car Theft Prevention please click the link

For more information about anti snap locks click the link

For more information about CCTV


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