Power Outage Update – Kenilworth

1915hrs Saturday 29 April 2023

National Grid are continuing to work on the power supply problems affecting customers in the Kenilworth (CV8) area.

Some 1201 properties in the area remain without power. National Grid engineers have managed to restore power supplies to 1764 properties that were orginally affected.

The situation that engineers are facing are challenging. Unfortunately there are 2 faults on a underground cable which means engineers are unable to re-route the power to restore all supplies. As a result, engineers are in the process of installing emergency generators on to the relevant electrical substations and transformers to restore supplies.

Consequently, engineers currently working on the fault and the installation of emergency generation are continuing to estimate that it could be 2300hrs before the remaining interrupted power supplies are restored.

Kenilworth Watch would like to express its appreciation to all those ar National Grid who are dealing with these problems and working on a Saturday evening to get electricity supplies restored.


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