About Kenilworth Watch

Crown Watch was an established Neighbourhood Watch in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. It looked after some 120 homes situated at the eastern end of Whitemoor Road, the northern end of Windy Arbour and all of Tulip Tree Avenue of over 25 years.

In 2015 the Committee Members of Crown Watch decided that it was time to call it a day. Technology had changed much of the communication interaction with many people and paper newsletters were costly to produce and not timely when it came to telling people about crime events. However, what Crown Watch did was not closed down completely.

As much of the information that Crown Watch shared within its watch area had equal relevance to other parts of Kenilworth we decided to create this website to provide neighbourhood watch information to all residents of the town. We hope it is helpful and encourages others to become involved in supporting their community and help Kenilworth remain a great place to live. We are now called Kenilworth Watch and although we do not replace any local Neighbourhood Watch scheme that may operate in parts of the town we do seek to get timely communications out to Kenilworth’s community as quickly as possible.

We have links to Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team located at Jubilee House, Smalley Place, Kenilworth and led by Beat Manager PC Anna Brown.


12 Replies to “About Kenilworth Watch”

  1. I am the neighbourhood watch co-ordinator for Eastern Thornby Avenue and would like therefore to subscribe to your get alert-stay alert e mail scheme.
    As a co-ordinator, I regularly receive e mails already from the police about local crimes and I forward them to my members. I also attend meetings in Kenilworth with the police when invited. I have also alerted police to one vandalism incident in my road a couple of years ago.

    1. Anne,

      Profuse apologies for not replying earlier. More than happy for you to subscribe and I guess you will have already done so and noticed that there has hardly been any updates.
      This is not a failing of the website but it would appear the NHW alert system in the police is not operating operating correctly. I have spoken to the local Safer Neighbourhood Team about this
      and earlier this week escalated the matter to the Assistant Cheif Constable who has already been in contact with me and has tasked the relevant officers to sort out the NHW alert system.

      Please drop me a further line if you wish to discuss anything further.

    1. Mike,

      Profuse apologies for not replying earlier and many thanks for hooking us with Crown Watch. Its great that you have given us a link, the development of the community being connencted through the web has to be the way forward and I look forward to us working together to help achieve even greater communication and connectivity within the community. I am presently working with the Safer Neighbourhood Team to try and increase the amount of timely and useful information they provide.

      Please don’ t hesitate to contact me if you wish discuss anythng further.

  2. Text above reads: Kenilworth Safer Neighbourhood Team located at Kenilworth Police Station and led by Sergeant Alan Edwards. ( Slightly outdated now? )

  3. My dog Kayla ran off last night during the thunderstorm.Please keep an eye out for her!
    Thanks Jeff

    1. Jenny, Thanks for enquiring about Get Alert, Stay Alert. There is no actual link as all you need to do is put your email address in the field shown by the “Get Alert, Stay Alert” piece on the from page of the Crown Watch website. You will find it on the right hand side of the page about half way down. Hope this helps.

  4. Hello Fraser, just seen your input on Crimewatch, and its such a great idea. Would you mind if I contact you privately? Im a police officer and would like to set up something like this in my area and would like to pick your brains if thats ok?

  5. Dear Fraser, I am a coordinator for ‘Nineacre’ NW in S.Glos north of Bristol, and was impressed, fascinated and intrigued in equal measure of your scheme, which I caught part of on Crimewatch.
    It also said something about a type of DNA based smart water.
    I am trying to move forward with Avon and Somerset Police who want more information (!??).
    May I speak to you as soon as convenient please?
    I am available via:
    mmitchell@pjh.uk (day work @)
    07901 007478 (daytime work )
    mitch999@live.com (eves)
    07941 282065 (personal mob)

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