Christmas Night Criminal Damage

A further mature tree has been felled sometime between Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The tree is the second to be destroyed and it has been destroyed as it has been completely felled. It was left across Tulip Tree Avenue, where it was situated outside Tulip Tree Court. Local residents had to move the felled tree to enable vehicles to travel along the Avenue safely and properly. This second event, within days of a first tree being attacked, has been reported to the Police. Residents are requested to remain vigilant and take details of anything they see or hear suspicious, reporting it to Police as soon as possible.

If anyone has any information to do with this apparent wanton vandalism of these trees please contact your Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinator (contact details are contained within the newsletter and recent Alert that was delivered) or telephone the Safer Neighbourhood Team on 01926 684404. If you prefer you can provide information by telephoning Crimestoppers 0n 0800 555 111.

Please keep a keen eye out as we want to stop this damage being done to our environment.

Saturday 12 December 2009 > Car Thefts from Private Drives- Warning

Do not leave your car unattended whilst it is unlocked and defrosting on your driveway. If you need to defrost your car then you need to stay with it if the engine is running. Do NOT leave it for one minute because that’s all it can take for someone to make off in your car. Also please note that many car insurance policies don’ t cover theft by this method and therefore they DO NOT pay out! – simply its classed as the owners own fault by being careless and leaving their car running unsecured.

We have been notified that Solihull area was hit very badly last week (6 cars stolen in one morning) so please be vigilant.
Please keep an eye on your property or it maybe be stolen.

ALERT – Burglaries at homes in St Johns Street & Fieldgate Lane, Kenilworth

Between 8.40 and 9.30am on Wednesday 9 December, offenders climbed onto the porch roof of a home in St Johns Street, Kenilworth and then forced open the hinges on a bedroom window to access the house. Once inside the offenders stole a PSP console, a Nintendo Wii, a laptop computer, a playstation, a 21in television and computer and monitor and some American white leather Nike trainers.

A witness saw a mint coloured vehicle, possibly a Renault, parked at the side of the premises at around 8.30am. The driver of the vehicle was seen to be loading items and is described as a white male, around 6ft tall and wearing sunglasses. A second male was white with blond spiked hair.

Between midnight and 2.20am on Thursday 3 December offenders entered a home in Fieldgate Lane, Kenilworth and stole several items including high value watches and the keys to an Audi S4 Quattro, which was then stolen from the driveway.