Burglaries in Fieldgate Lane & Warwick Road

Please be aware of the following incidents which have occurred at homes in Kenilworth over the past few days.
Fieldgate Lane 8 May
During the night of 7th May into 8th May offenders entered a home in Fieldgate Lane, Kenilworth through the rear patio doors and stole several items.
Warwick Road 10 May

Between midnight on 8th May and midnight on 9th May offenders forced open a first floor wooden front door of a home in Warwick Road, Kenilworth and entered the premises to steal items of electrical equipment.

Help Needed – Alert for sightings of Silver Fiesta


Please could you be actively on the lookout for a silver Ford Fiesta, registration number W68 VOJ around your area or as you travel about the county.

This vehicle and its three occupants are believed to be linked to burglaries and thefts from vehicles in Whitnash, Tiddington, Hampton Lucy, Warwick and Shipston. The offenders are usually active overnight and in the early hours.
Warwickshire Police are obviously very keen to catch these offenders so, if you spot this vehicle please dial 999 and report its whereabouts immediately.  Please also say that you are responding to a Watch message.

Worrying Spate of Burglaries in Town

Incidents have been reported in School Lane, Sunningdale Avenue, Arden Road, Castle Road, Arlidge Crescent, Casita Grove & Bullimore Grove, Kenilworth.

Incident 240 of 10 April
Between 12noon and 3.40pm on 10 April offenders used bodily force to open a wooden front door at a home in School Lane, Kenilworth.
Once inside the house, the offenders stole various items including a sat nav, a camera and a quantity of cash.
Incident 45 of 10 April
During the night of 9 into 10 April offenders entered a home in Sunningdale Avenue, Kenilworth through a rear door and stole a quantity of cash.
Incident 55 of 10 April
Durning the same night offenders entered a home in Arden Road, Kenilworth, again through a rear door.  Once inside, the offenders carried out an untidy search of the premises and stole several items.  Some of the items were later recovered by neighbouring properties.
Incident 170 of 10 April
Between 3 and 9 April offendeers stole a blue Dawes mountain bike which was secured at the rear of a home in Castle Road, Kenilworth.
Incident 58 of 10 April
During the night of 9 into 10 April offenders broke into a shed in the garden of a home in Arlidge Avenue after breaking wood off a rear garden gate and reaching in to undo the lock.  Several items were stolen from the shed.
Incident 60 of 10 April
During the same night, offenders stole a pedal cycle from the rear garden of a home in Casita Close.
Incident 179 of 6 April

At around 11am on 6 April a male removed metal items fron a skip outside a house in Bullimore Grove.  The male is described as an Eastern European around 20 years of age.  He was wearing a hi viz jacker and was around 5ft 9in tall.  He was a passenger in a orangey yellow T registration Ford Transit van.  The male also stole metal poles from another garden.
Please remain alert, on the lookout for suspicious persons or activity around your own or neighbouring homes and please report anything that you consider to unusual or, of concern, to Police on 101.  If you have information that you believe may be connected to any of the above incidents please contact Police on 101 quoting the incident number.  Thankyou.
Editors Note; Please be aware that we only received these alerts this afternoon (18 April 2012) so we are not responsible for the late reporting of this worrying spate of crime in Kenilworth. We intend to raise this late reporting with Warwickshire Police as it undermines the potential of our website and automatic alerts.

Leyes Lane Now Open (1800hrs Sunday 2012)

Resurfacing works and relining has been completed and the closure of Leyes Lane, Kenilworth earlier today has now been removed and the road is now fully reopen ahead of the planned completion time.

Leyes Lane Closed Today (Sunday 25 March 2012)

Please note that Leyes Lane, Kenilworth, from its junction with Park Hill/WindyArbour and its junction with Dencer Drive/Rawnsley Drive, will be closed today (Sunday 25 March 2012) due to major resurfacing works. These works are planned to take place throughout today (Sunday) and Leyes Lane will be reopened from early tomorrow (26 March 2012).

The work is being carried out by Warwickshire County Council as Highway Authority.