Summer Burglaries continue in Kenilworth

Two more burglaries have taken place in Kenilworth over the last couple of days prompting us to advise that everyone needs to keep a keen lookout for suspicious persons and/or vehicles who may be loitering in and around streets across the town.

Residents are encouraged to report any such suspicious activity immediately to Police on 101

The latest events are as follows:

Priory Road, Kenilworth

Between 18.00hrs on 9 July and 14.00hrs on 10 July, offenders broke the lock on the rear French doors of a home in Priory Road, Kenilworth and entered the house, whilst the residents were at home.

Nothing appears to have been stolen.

Oaks Road, Kenilworth

Between 12.15hrs and 17.30hrs on 10 July, offenders entered a home in Oaks Road, Kenilworth and carried out a search of drawers and cupboards in the lounge, kitchen and bedrooms, moving items within the property.

The offenders made off with a quantity of cash and a written cheque.

Fieldgate Lane, Kenilworth 

At some point before 11.00hrs on 10 July, offenders stole the spare wheel from under a Land Rover Discovery vehicle parked outside a home in Fieldgate Lane, Kenilworth.

Information about any of these incidents can be given anonymously to the Independent Charity, Crimestoppers, by calling 0800 555 111 or by visiting their website:


Kenilworth property in Mayfield Drive is latest to be targeted by Burglars

Vigilance by a member of public may have been enough to stop a burglary that was attempted in Kenilworth on 4 July.

Between 11.10hrs and 11.25hrs on 4 July, offenders in a white Range Rover, registration PN13 XK? pulled up outside a home in Mayfield Drive, Kenilworth.

One male offender got out of the vehicle and walked up the side of the house before returning to the porch and kicking the door.

The offender then returned to the vehicle and drove off.

A neighbour witnessed the male in action and called at the property to discover that a window had been smashed in the door and a door panel had been damaged.

The offender failed to get inside the house and nothing was stolen.

This latest event reinforces how important it is to be vigilant and immediately report anything suspicious.

If you have any information regarding the above event please contact Warwickshire Police on 101 or Crimstoppers on 0800 111 555


Whitehead Drive latest to be hit by Car Key Burglary in Kenilworth

Homes in Kenilworth are continuing to be hit by burglars that forcibly break their way into homes, often untidily search, take car keys and then steal the vehicle using the stolen keys.

The latest event took place at Whitehead Drive, off Dalehouse Land, Kenilworth.

Please be aware that between 10am and 7pm on 26 June, offenders kicked in the lower panel in the rear door of a home in Whitehead Drive, Kenilworth and entered the house.

Once inside, the offenders carried out a tidy search and stole three sets of keys. The offenders used one of the set to steal a Seat vehicle from outside on the driveway.

If you have any information about the above event please contact Warwickshire Police on 101.

Burglary and Car Theft from Newfield Avenue, Kenilworth

A further ‘car key’ burglary has taken place in Kenilworth.

Between 12noon and 2pm on 19 June 2017, offenders climbed over a side gate at a home in Newfield Avenue, Kenilworth and then kicked through a wood and glass rear door into the house.

Once inside, the offenders carried out an untidy search of various rooms before making off with the keys to two VW vehicles.

The offenders then used one set of keys to steal a VW Polo from outside the property.

If you saw anything, anyone or may have information about this event please contact Warwickshire Police on 101.

More Kenilworth homes hit by burglaries & another BMW targeted

RESIDENTS are advised that further criminal activity has been reported in and around Kenilworth. Vigilance and prompt reporting direct to police of any suspicious activity is suggested and encouraged.

Burglary at home in Malthouse Lane, Kenilworth

Just after 3pm on 20 June, offenders entered a home in Malthouse Lane, Kenilworth through a kitchen window.

Once inside the house, the offenders carried out a messy search of the kitchen and dining area and then smashed through the kitchen door into the main house.

The offenders then carried out a messy search of the rest of the house before leaving the premises through the side door, taking only a spare key for a Land Rover vehicle. No incident number has been provided.

Burglary at Red Lane, Burton Green, Kenilworth

At just before 11.30am on 20 June, a male offender kicked the front door of a home in Red Lane, Burton Green off its hinges and entered the house. Once inside, the offender carried out a messy search of the whole house before making off with items of jewellery and electronic equipment, along with a CCTV camera. This is Incident 234 of 20 June 2017.

Burglary and Vehicle Theft at Cromwell Lane, Burton Green, Kenilworth

During the night of 18 into 19 June, offenders entered a home in Cromwell Lane, Burton Green, through an insecure kitchen window and stole the keys to a BMW vehicle from the hallway. The offenders left the premises through the kitchen door and used the keys to steal the vehicle from the driveway. This is Incident 68 of 19 June 2017.

If you have any information about any of these incidents or think you have may seen something then please contact Warwickshire Police on 101.