Danger on Ice at Abbey Fields

Police are warning of the dangers of walking over frozen lakes after catching adults and children on the lake at Abbey Fields in Kenilworth. Four incidents in recent weeks involved people cycling, skateboarding, playing and walking across the ice.

Acting Sergeant Michael Morland said: “Each and every one of these calls we have treated as priority – the team has dropped routine enquires to attend the lake.Thankfully each report has been resolved by people being given safety advice.”

“I am sure the majority of people reading this will recall tragedies that have been reported in the national press of adults and children drowning after venturing onto frozen stretches of water. I sincerely do not want this to happen in Kenilworth, therefore I am urging all parents and carers of school children to take a few minutes during their day to talk about the dangers of frozen lakes with their children.”He added: “If someone does fall through the ice at the temperatures we have been experiencing the consequences could be fatal.”


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