Appeal for Vigilance – Vehicle FN56 TTY – Grey Volkswagen Golf GTI

Warwickshire Police are asking residents in the Kenilworth area to keep a keen lookout for a Grey VW Golf GTI Automatic FN56 TTY. This vehicle is believed have been involved in burglaries in Exhall, Bulkington, Rugby & Southam over the last few days.

The vehicle is believed to be on False Plates but this has not been confirmed at this time. Locating this vehicle is a Warwickshire Police priority and they need our help to find it.

If you spot the vehicle in your area please contact Police on 999 and report its whereabouts immediately so that the suspects can be arrested.

Police believe the suspects are from Coventry and work is underway to identify them. Patrols have been increased in and around Exhall, Bulkington and the main arterial routes between Coventry and Rugby including Southam but this vehicle may pop up elsewhere so please be vigilant.

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