Kenilworth BMW Owners ALERT!

Please be aware that since January 2012, 154 BMW vehicles have been stolen from across the Midlands Region.  Thieves are targeting vehicles built between 2006 and 2011 and are stealing them without the keys, in all 154 cases reported the owners still have all the keys in their possession.

Thieves are targeting vehicles on driveways and in large carparks and wait for drivers to park and leave their vehicle.  Once the driver presses the key to lock the vehicle a frequency blocker intercepts the signal causing the vehicle to remain open. The thief then enters the vehicle when the coast is clear and uses a device on the vehicle which programs a blank key.  The key is then used by the offender to drive the vehicle away. If the frequency blocker is unsuccessful, the thief will often smash a front side window of the vehicle to get in.

Four of the vehicles have been stolen from addresses in Warwickshire already and it may well be that the thieves are spreading their wings and Warwickshire residents will be targeted more often from now on.

Our advice to all BMW drivers is simple. Please try the door handle after using your key to lock the vehicle and double check that it is actually locked.

Please also have a good look around when leaving the vehicle to see if you can spot anyone waiting nearby or in a vehicle in the vicinity, especially if you check and find the door to still be open. If this is the case, then without risk to yourself and as discreetly as possible, report anything suspicious to Police on 999 as they are very keen to catch these offenders.

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