Burglary Alert Kenilworth!

Burglaries at homes in Glebe Crescent, School Lane & Clarendon Road, Kenilworth & Cromwell Lane, Burton Green
Please be aware of the following incidents which have occurred at homes in Kenilworth over rtecent days.
Incident 434 of 18 June
At some point before 10.30pm on 18 June offenders forced open the rear door of a home in Glebe Crescent, Kenilworth.  This activated the intruder alarm.  The offenders managed to steal several items before making off.
Incident 360 of 19 June
Between 10am on 17 and 8pm on 18 June offenders entered a home in School Lane, Kenilworth and stole an IPod from the dining room.
Incident 79 of 18 June

During the night of 17 into 18 June offenders forced the padlock off a rear garden shed at a home in Clarendon Road, Kenilworth.  Once inside the shed the offenders carried out a thorough search before making off with 2 pedal cycles, a scooter, several remote control cars and other items.
Incident 339 of 18 June

Between 1am on 11 June and 3pm on 16 June offenders stole a feature fibreglass water feature statue in the shape of a St Bernard dog from the front garden of a home in Cromwell Lane, Coventry.
Please remain alert, on the lookout for suspicious persons, vehicles or activity around your own or neighbouring homes and please report anything out of place or, of concern, to Police on 101.  Thankyou.

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