Computers and IPads targeted in Kenilworth over late June

Please see below details that have just been received in one message that set out a number of events that have taken place towards the end of June. Crown Watch apologises for the untimely nature of these but if we do not receive them from the police we cannot post them on the site. Please try to remember back to the dates in question and consider if you saw anything suspicious, if so, please report it to 101.
Incident 88 of 23 June
Between 1.30 and 7.30am on 23 June offenders entered a home in Swift Close, Kenilworth and stole the keys to two vehicles along with mobile phones and an IPad.  Both vehicles were then stolen from the driveway.
Incident 308 of 26 June
At some point before 7.10pm on 26 June offenders entered a home in School Lane, Kenilworth and stole an IPod docking station from a wardrobe.
Incident 227 of 26 June
At just before 3.30pm on 26 June a young male and a female, aged around 30, were knocking doors in High Street, Kenilworth and trying to sell Tupperware.  The male called at the home of an elderly lady and was invited in.  Once inside, the male stole the ladies purse.
Incident 83 of 28 June

During the night of 27 into 28 June offenders broke into a home in Clinton Lane, Kenilworth through a French door.  Once inside, the offenders stole a Dell laptop computer, a powerpoint projector, 2 cameras and docking stations and a Prada mobile phone.

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