Kenilworth Post Office Burglary – 20 July 2012

Police are appealing for witnesses to a burglary that occurred at the Post Office in Oaks Precinct, Kenilworth at around 2.25am early morning of Friday 20 July.

Early witness reports indicate that a car pulled up near the Post Office and three males got out leaving one male in the vehicle.

The burglars damaged an ATM at the Post Office, stealing a quantity of cash. The thieves also stole a til and this was later found in Rouncil Lane on the corner with Sovereign Court in Kenilworth.

Officers believe the thieves may have stopped in Rouncil Lane to try and open the til and when they were unsuccessful abandoned it.

Officers are appealing for any witnesses who believe they may have seen the thieves in the early hours of this morning, to please come forward by contacting the Local Investigation team on 01926 415000 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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