One attempt burglary and another “Car Key” burglary in Kenilworth

Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team are urging continued vigilance after criminal activity took place last night in the town at two addresses close by one another. After failing to gain entry at one address offenders moved onto another address close by, gaining entry to the house, taking items and the car keys for a vehicle parked outside which was then stolen.
Here are the details of these latest events and if you have any information please call Warwickshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111
Incident 50 of 25/26 June 2013
During the night of 25 into 26 of June offenders entered the conservatory at a home in Reeve Drive, Kenilworth but nothing was stolen and no entry was gained to the rest of the house.
Incident 41 of 26 June 2013
During the same night, offenders entered another home in Reeve Drive through a rear door and stole a handbag and a set of car keys.  The keys were then used to steal a Ford vehicle from the driveway.
Please see this months Kenilworth Update on this website for advice about deterring car key burglaries. Further please don’t just read this and then forget it thinking it won’t be you next time. Consider these things:
Use the Kenilworth Watch ‘Get Alert – Stay Alert” system on this website. It’s 24/7 and   provides  you with automatic updates and news on crime & crime prevention for Kenilworth.

Fit a good quality house alarm and good quality locks to doors and windows.

Fit suitable security lighting and leave a light in a timer at home.

DO NOT leave car keys just inside the front or back door of your home when you arrive home.

Remove all valuables from your car.

Property mark all valuable items. We are offering Smartwater at £15 per household, it’s a real deterrent and normally retails at around £70. For more details see this months Kenilworth Update published on this website

Consider defensive planting such as Sea Buckthorn or Common Hawthorn hedge

Please consider what you can do to make it as difficult as possible for criminals so you can avoid them making you their next victim.


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