Crime Alerts Must Support Kenilworth

Following receipt of the crime alert that led to the earlier post being sent out from this website I wrote to the Chief Constable: Here is what I said;

20 November 2013
Andy Parker
Chief Constable
Warwickshire Police
Dear Chief Constable,
I am disappointed and sorry that I find myself writing to you again over a subject that I have raised previously and some considerable time ago.
I wish to make it clear that I do not wish to impugn in anyway the person who continues to do their best in respect of communicating neighbourhood watch information. Its clear to me that process and/or organisational elements are leading to the failure I will outline.
My concern relates to Warwickshire Police’s apparent inability to provide crime notifications to the community via its alert system on anything resembling a timely basis. This inability seriously undermines the provenance of Neighbourhood Watch communications and thus their effectiveness.
The latest crime alert email and attachment gives details of crimes that were committed and recorded some 12 days ago. Frankly, its far too late and people are vulnerable to becoming victims of crime without warning of such activities in their neighbourhood. This is to say nothing about there being less likelihood of people remembering things and being able to give you information for any investigations.
Clearly, by virtue of this email and its attachment, a sustainable resolution has yet to be found and implemented that ensures crime notifications are received promptly by the community. You do not need me to rehearse the potential effects, if left unresolved, this situation presents for active engagement to diminish between the community and the police who serve it.
As you know I have been actively involved in Neighbourhood Watch for 16 years, extending my volunteering to becoming a Special Constable for 9 years and more latterly developing “Kenilworth Update” which I have produced every month for over two years.
Therefore I do hope you understand my frustration and dismay that such efforts, and I include all other NHW volunteers in this, are significantly and repeatedly being undermined.
The issue is compounded with the knowledge that for many years crime information and alerts were sent out usually within 24 hours. I realise that things have moved on but even in a more centralised environment such an ability could and should exist. Indeed, there is a far greater onus to resource effective communication resources 24/7 when you have had to face and manage contractions in your geographical operational presence.
With the existence and functionality of new technology this is an area that presents real opportunity at little or no cost to realise real engagement with the community and benefits to both them and your operation.
I appeal that this subject is given some priority and focus as a matter of urgency.  I look forward to what, if anything, is proposed as a comprehensive, effective and sustainable solution to resolve this unacceptable state of affairs.
Thanks in anticipation of your attention.
Yours sincerely
Fraser Pithie

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