Whitemoor Road, Kenilworth – Burglary

Between Thursday 4th April 2015 and Saturday 6th April 2015 a property in Whitemoor Road, Kenilworth was burgled. Access was made at the rear of the property through the garage. Residents are advised to be be vigilant and keep a special lookout for persons loitering around neighbourhoods or seen in and around neighbours gardens etc. If you see something suspicious please contact the police immediately.

(This latest notification/alert has been posed by Crown Watch Neighbourhood Watch as Warwickshire Police have failed to notify us of any burglaries in the past couple of weeks in Kenilworth through their alert system despite this one occurring on our watch area! Crown Watch is seeking a meeting with the Southern Warwickshire Area Commander as it feels despite several past referrals the crime alert system is NOT fit for purpose as it is unreliable and as it appears not to be process based it is NOT robust.)


One Reply to “Whitemoor Road, Kenilworth – Burglary”

  1. I live in Whitemoor road, and was informed by neighbours that last night 916th April 2015), a man was acting suspiciously, trying to look down the side passages between houses at approximately 9.00pm. He is described as bald-headed wearing unusual, stripy trousers, like pyjama bottoms. I contacted the police (as no one else had) and they said they would send a car to check the area. I was grateful that my neighbours are vigilant, but would encourage anyone seeing anything suspicious to immediately call the police, as my call was about an hour after the initial sighting, so I expect he was long gone.

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