Nosey Neighbours requested as Burglaries increase in Kenilworth

The Easter period has seen the number of burglaries across Kenilworth significantly increase. Residents are being warned that they need to take more time to notice things going on around their neighbourhoods and report anything that looks suspicious after a number of break ins have taken place as a result of offenders going round the backs of properties and forcing rear windows and doors.

Crown Watch is encouraging people to be nosey, not in the sense of other people’s business, but nosey about what is going on outside in the street, road or footpath, who is that person walking down or around a property? What is that car or van that has gone down the road three times in the past few minutes?

Details of the latest crimes, that have taken place in the eastern area of the Kenilworth, are as follows;

Arbour Close, Kenilworth

Between 6.20pm and 10pm on 7 April 2015, offenders broke into a home in Arbour Close, Kenilworth, via a rear groundfloor window. Once inside, the offenders carried out a search before making off with a quantity of cash and items of jewellery.

Lulworth Park, Kenilworth

Between midday on 2pm and 6pm on 3 April 2015, offenders attempted to break in to a home in Lulworth Park, Kenilworth. Damage was caused to a rear window but the offenders are not believed to have entered the house and nothing was stolen.

Whitemoor Road, Kenilworth

Between 2 and 4 April, offenders entered a home in Whitemoor Road, Kenilworth through a rear kitchen window. Once inside, the offenders carried out a search before making off with several items.

Leyes Lane, Kenilworth

At some point before 4pm on 4 April, offenders kicked in the rear door of a home in Leyes Lane, Kenilworth and entered the house. Once inside, the offenders stole all of the kitchen knives before making off.

Thornby Avenue, Kenilworth

Between 7pm on 2 April and 8.30pm on 6 April, offenders broke into a home in Thornby Avenue, Kenilworth, after forcing the lock on the French doors. Once inside, the offenders carried out a search before making off with a cashbox containing cash, a jewellery box and its contents, along with a diamond necklace and diamond earrings.

If you have seen anything that is suspicious, maybe relevant or have any information about these crimes then please contact Warwickshire Police on 101


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