Thieves back in Kenilworth

Casita Grove, Kenilworth – Burglary & Car Theft

Between 15 and 20 February 2016, offenders broke into a home in Casita Grove, Kenilworth after forcing open windows in the conservatory. Once inside the house, the offenders carried out an untidy search of bedrooms, pulled a safe off the wall and stole a handbag containing credit cards and the keys to a Range Rover vehicle. The offenders then used the keys to steal the vehicle from the driveway. This refers to Incident 199 of 20 February 2016.

Lindsey Crescent, Kenilworth – Attempted Burglary

During the night of 20 into 21 February 2016, offenders attempted to break into a home in Lindsey Crescent, Kenilworth by using a crowbar type instrument to attempt to lever open the front door. The offenders failed to get into the house and nothing was stolen.            This refers to Incident 154 of 21 February 2016.

Woodmill Meadow, Kenilworth – Theft from Unattended Motor Vehicle

At some point before 2.15pm on 21 February 2016, offenders smashed the rear passenger window of a Ford vehicle parked at a home in Woodmill Meadow, Kenilworth and then stole an empty black leather handbag, with a broken handle, from inside. The owner of the vehicle heard a car alarm sound at about 1.45am on 21 February and this may be connected.This refers to Incident 216 of 21 February 2016.

If you think you heard or saw anything related to any of the above incidents then please contact Warwickshire Police on 101. If you wish to make contact anonymously then call Crimestoppers on 0800 111 555.


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