FLOOD WARNING – Kenilworth Ford

Warwickshire Police together with Warwickshire Fire & Rescue have issued a warning NOT to use the A452 at Kenilworth Ford close to Castle Green and Kenilworth Castle. Earlier this morning some vehicles entered the Ford which is very high and became inundated. In one case a driver had to be rescued by Warwickshire Firefighters.

The automatic electric signs are working and have been lit for several hours but despite this some drivers have chosen to ignore the signs thinking they somehow are ‘different’ and can get through the Ford. The facts are no one, or vehicle, is invincible and it is plain idiocy to attempt to go through the Ford when the signs are lit and the Ford is so high.

There are plenty of roads and routes nearby that enable vehicles to take a diversion so there is no need to enter the Ford. Moreover, the swell and current of the brook that has inundated the A452 at the Ford is strong and consequently is very dangerous.

Crown Watch appeal to all drivers NOT to travel through the Ford until further notice as to do so is dangerous. You could be putting not only your life, the life of any passengers you may have but also the lives of the emergency services at risk who may have to rescue you.FDP_KenilworthFord008


One Reply to “FLOOD WARNING – Kenilworth Ford”

  1. If these drivers ?? are so stupid as to ignore the signs and the obvious road conditions and then need to be “rescued” by the emergency services they should be made to pay a hefty recovery bill.This in turn should then be used to offset the costs of the emergency services.

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