Traffic Disruption – Kenilworth

Kenilworth Residents are advised that long delays maybe experienced by drivers over the weekend (Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th April 2016) as a result of a Horse Fair being held at Thickthorn, Kenilworth.

The A452 (Kenilworth between A46 & Leamington – Warwick Road) is likely to be most affected with traffic control systems in use at busy times over the weekend.

Major disruption was experienced on Friday evening (22nd April 2016) as a result of many vehicles and visitors arriving for the Horse Fair. This led to several miles of queues of traffic on the A46 Warwick Bypass as well as local roads in Kenilworth.

Residents are advised to avoid using the A452 at or near Thickthorn over the weekend and choose an alternative route. Please advise any visitors planning to come to Kenilworth to see you over the weekend to also avoid Thickthorn and the A452.



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