May Burglaries Warning

Incidents at homes in Malthouse Lane & Upper Spring Lane, Kenilworth and Red Lane, Burton Green recorded by Warwickshire Police have led to Crown Watch warning residents that they need to ensure they review their home and garden security.

The events demonstrate that criminals are present visiting the area and are looking for opportunities. Lawn mower thefts indicate there is a demand for such items which in turn means garden shed/garage security measures need reviewing and tightening where possible.

The warning comes after the following incidents, which have occurred at homes in the Kenilworth area over recent days:

Malthouse Lane, Kenilworth

At just after 3.30pm on 10 May 2016 offenders smashed the rear french doors of a home in Malthouse Lane, Kenilworth and entered the premises. This activated the intruder alarm and the offenders made off empty handed. Incident 248 of 10 May refers.

Upper Spring Lane, Kenilworth

At some point in the three weeks up to 10 May, offenders forced open a secure shed in the garden of a home in Upper Spring Lane, Kenilworth and entered the premises to steal a lawn mower, which was secured with a chain. Incident 124 of 10 May refers.

Red Lane, Burton Green, Kenilworth

During the night of 13 into 14 May, offenders broke into the integral garage of a home in Red Lane, Burton Green. Once inside the garage, the offenders stole a lawn mower. Incident 167 of 14 May refers.

If you have information which you believe may be connected to any of these incidents, please contact Police on 101, quoting the incident number given.

These events reinforce the need to heed previous warnings given by Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team.

  • Don’t open and leave garage doors open or unattended – they are a shop window for criminals driving around – if they see what they are after they could be back to pay you a visit.
  • Consider a burglar alarm, monitored alarms these days are competitively priced, can cost less than a daily newspaper and they deter criminals from trying their luck breaking into your home.
  • Garden sheds are best protected by two, not one padlocks. Invest in strong locks and braces and use coach bolts to fit the braces not screws, this makes it much harder for criminals to break in.
  • If you notice vehicles cruising around your neighbourhood and occupants looking very interested in properties then report your suspicion to Warwickshire Police on 101. If possible try and make a note of the type, colour and vehicle registration number. Police can then check it out.



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