Audi Owners Warned

Warwickshire Police have advised owners of new Audi vehicles in Kenilworth that over recent days, there have been several burglaries across Warwickshire where the thieves have targeted houses where there are new Audi vehicles visible.

The offenders have broken into the house and searched for the keys to the vehicles. Police advice is the keep the keys to Audi, and other high powered vehicles out of sight. Crown Watch advise householders to review their house security to ensure it is as difficult as possible for offenders to gain entry to their homes.

Multiple locking sealed unit doors, security lighting, impact sensitive alarms and CCTV are some of the additional measures that can deter thieves and also alert and protect householders.

Audi owners are also advised to give consideration to increasing the security measures on their vehicles with trackers and vehicle immobilisers.


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