Criminals looking for opportunities in Kenilworth

A string of recent events have demonstrated that criminals are continuing to visit Kenilworth and seeking opportunities to commit crime. Residents are advised to remain vigilant at all times and where they believe something is suspicious to report it to Police as soon as possible.

Spring Lane, Kenilworth

Between 10pm on 11 September and 6pm on 16 September, offenders entered allotments in Spring Lane, Kenilworth and then forced the hasp and staple off the door of a secure shed. Once inside, the offenders carried out a search before making off with numerous items. Incident 377 of 16 September

Wordsworth Drive, Kenilworth

At 7.40am on 16 September, the resident of a home in Wordsworth Drive, Kenilworth heard a vehicle pull up outside the house and, after a short while, went to investigate. The resident saw two males leant over a pile of scrap lead, out of sight at the side of the house and asked who they were.

The males pointed up and said ‘roofman’ and then placed the lead into the rear of a white van with a registration similar to FL52 L*X and drove off.

The resident then discovered that another stack of lead had also been stolen.

The offenders are described as two Eastern European males, with tanned/ olive skin. They were both around 6ft tall with slim builds and short shaven dark hair. They were both in their mid 20’s and both wore dark coloured tshirts and tracksuit bottoms. Incident 82 of 16 September

Common Lane, Kenilworth

Between 8.30am on 9 September and 3pm on 16 September, offenders entered the rear garden of a home in Common Lane, Kenilworth and then entered the garage. Nothing appears to have been stolen. Incident 288 of 16 September.

Spring Lane, Kenilworth

Between 7 and 14 September, offenders broke into another shed on the allotment site in Spring Lane, Kenilworth. Once inside, the offenders stole a red ‘Mantis’ petrol cultivator and its securing D lock. Incident 172 of 16 September.

If you have seen or heard anything about any of the above incidents please contact Warwickshire Police on 101.


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