Chimney Pots Stolen

The latest reported crime in Kenilworth relates to garden items.

Kenilworth Watch News is appealing once again to residents to keep a high level of vigilance and report anything that appears to be suspicious capturing as much detail and information as possible but that is safe to do so.

We are also appealing to Warwickshire Police to increase the patrolling of Kenilworth by Police Officers. We support our two great Police Community Support Officers who do so much for the town but we want to see them get much more support with more police officers in and around Kenilworth to provide the deterrent needed to support those residents who are doing as much as they can to protect their homes, property and vehicles.

De Montford Road, Kenilworth

Please be aware that during the night of 23 into 24 January 2018, offenders stole two 2.5ft tall clay decorative chimney pots from the front garden of a home in De Montfort Road, Kenilworth.  The pots were very heavy and a vehicle would have been required to move them.

This latest crime report comes as an unusual attempted theft, that was thwarted by the vigilance of local villagers, took place earlier this week in the Warwickshire village of Birdingbury. At around 6pm on 23 January, offenders in a lorry displaying false number plates attempted to steal the original GPO telephone box from Main Street, Birdingbury.

Quick thinking residents noticed what was happening and the offenders made off.


If you saw anything or have any information related to the incident at De Montford Road please contact Warwickshire Police on 101.




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