Further Kenilworth Incidents

Notification of two more crimes reported for Kenilworth that relate to the first few days of February have just come through. One involves an attempted burglary and the other the theft of ladders from a rear garden.

These further events demonstrate the need for Kenilworth residents to remain vigilant and report anything or anyone that appears to be suspicious.

Crackley Hill, Kenilworth

At some point during the afternoon of 1 February, offenders attempted to break into a home in Crackley Hill, Kenilworth causing damage to the door and door frame.  The offenders failed to get into the house and nothing was stolen. This is Incident 216 of 1 February 2018

Lockhart Close, Kenilworth

Between 10pm on 2 February and 5pm on 3 February, offenders stole a set of metal folding ladders from the rear garden of a home in Lockhart Close, Kenilworth. This is Incident 299 of 3 February 2018

Please contact Warwickshire Police on 101 if you have any information regarding either of these incidents.


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