Intruders damage Kenilworth Homes

KENILWORTH householders have been warned that burglars are continuing to prowl around the town looking for opportunities to enter homes, take property and cause significant, and in some cases, wanton damage to property.

The latest two events reinforce the need for continued and heightened vigilance and prompt reporting to the police of anything suspicious.

Red Lane, Burton Green, Kenilworth

At 7.30pm on 9 February 2018, the resident of a home in Red Lane, Burton Green returned home and everything seemed normal. The resident then heard a loud bang and went upstairs to discover that all bedroom drawers and cabinets had been opened and searched and that the window had been smashed.

The resident believes that the loud bang was the offender making their escape. It is not clear exactly what was stolen. This is Incident 361 of 9 February 2018.

Station Road, Kenilworth

Between 1pm on 6 February and 1.30pm on 11 February 2018 offenders smashed the rear door of a home in Station Road, Kenilworth and entered the property. Once inside, the offenders carried out a search but it is not known exactly what was stolen. This is Incident 191 of 11 February 2018.

If you have any information about either of these crimes please contact Warwickshire Police on 101.


2 Replies to “Intruders damage Kenilworth Homes”

  1. To give some balance (or at least lessen the gloom !) It would be interesting to know what success the Police have in investigating the incidents which Fraser reports here. Is that sort of information available ?

    1. Thanks for your comments. We merely report what the police tell us about incidents. We are not always told of every incident or told on a timely basis. However, you make a good point – to date the police have never fed back about where or how investigations into reported crimes have progressed. It would be good to understand what the detection rate for the incidents are. I am sorry it might come across as gloomy but there is growing concern about the increased frequency of crime across Kenilworth specifically but also it’s a feeling growing elsewhere in the County.

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