Problems with Crime Alerts

You may have wondered, like us, why there have been no crime alerts for the Kenilworth area since the 5 May, is that there has been no crime or is it that there has been crime but no crime alerts? We wondered too, so we tweeted Warwickshire Police and failed for several days to get any real engagement or response, indeed we felt we needed to escalate our tweets to get heard. This was disappointing.

It’s essential to Kenilworth Watch because we have over 500 people, businesses and organisations following us and receiving our automatic crime alerts and have nearly 400 followers on Twitter. We have, over several years, worked hard to build up this level of engagement with the local community and we know how important it is to many of you to receive our alerts which you let you know what is going in and what steps it may be sensible to take in response to things that occur in our neighbourhood.

We are pleased to report this morning that Warwickshire Police have now been in contact with us and have confirmed that through our tweets and escalation we have effectively alerted them to the fact that the crime alert system has not been working since early May. Consequently, they are working on getting things sorted. We have offered to help in any way we can so we can get back to normal as soon as possible and keep you informed on a timely and effective basis.

While speaking with Warwickshire Police, it has become clear that there has been more crime in May but also there have been some successes in catching offenders involved in committing crime in Kenilworth too. Once things are sorted, which hopefully should be within the next few days, we will seek to bring you up to date with what has been going on. We will also provide more details on the recent successes concerning the apprehending of offenders and most importantly get back to normal by issuing timely alerts and advice to you. Many thanks for your understanding.


6 Replies to “Problems with Crime Alerts”

  1. Suggestion at Next Horse Fair
    Cameras at entry and exit to site to see
    How many are untaxed no insurance and no MOT
    Or is it better catching traffic speeding by putting that camera on flyover?

  2. The next meeting of the Town Council will be held on 21 June 2018. This will be preceded at 6.00 pm by a private briefing for Members, with the Chief Constable and Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire.

    Might be worth asking one of our Counsellors to ask him why this happened and reassure us it won`t happen again.

    1. Why not close main street for Horse Fair Weekends, like Food Fairs/Xmas Markets, and close any establishments serving alcohol, and use plastic if remain open, and no bottles, I realise its sad for business owners, but seems like Alcohol is the fuel for problems.Residents have to bolt up their homes and stay in that weekend to protect what they have its very sad we have to do this but its a fact of life.I think the 2 fuel stations that have had thefts in the past should have signs up Pay for Fuel First, its being used widely due to the high cost of Petrol and Diesel .The cost of policing these events 3 times a year must be running in to £100,000,00 of Council Tax Funds,and what do the Horse Fair Trades bring to Kenilworth for that cost “GRIEF”.

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