Car Theft & Burglary – Siddeley Avenue

Burglary and Car theft returned to Kenilworth last week with the news that during the night 13/14 June 2018, offenders entered a home on Siddeley Avenue, Kenilworth. Once inside the property the offenders carried out a search to find car keys to a red Audi A3  that they then used to steal the vehicle.

This latest event demonstrates the need for residents to remain vigilant at all times and take all appropriate measures to secure vehicles and keys while also deploying deterrents such as monitored intruder alarms and car immobilisation devices.

If you think you saw or heard anything suspicious that may be related to this event please contact Warwickshire Police on 101.


One Reply to “Car Theft & Burglary – Siddeley Avenue”

  1. Happening all too often, we need street cameras coming in and out of Kenilworth, linked to main Warwickshire Centre, Krooklocks on steering wheel can deter or delay.How many police are in Kenilworth Office after 2300 hrs?

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