Vehicles Targeted in Kenilworth Crime Spree

Warwickshire Police have now been confirmed the details concerning our previous Crime Alert and its clear that a number of vehicles were targeted by criminals in two locations primarily on the night of the 4 to 5 August.

These events highlight, once again, that criminals are operating in our area and neighbourhoods and we all should keep a keen eye and ear out for the unusual or suspicious. These latest events reinforce messages previously put out about protecting property and vehicles as much as possible and NOT leaving any valuables inside unattended motor vehicles. The details are as follows:

Southbank Road, Kenilworth

During the night of 4 into 5 August, offenders broke into two vehicles parked on the driveway of a home in Southbank Road, Kenilworth.  Damage was caused to one of the vehicles but nothing appears to have been stolen. Incident 121 of 5 August 2018

Incident 167 of 5 August – During the same night, offenders broke into a vehicle parked outside another home in Southbank Road.  Once inside, the offenders carried out an untidy search of the glovebox and door pockets but nothing appears to have been stolen. Incident 167 of 5 August 2018

Lawrence Gardens (Off School Road) Kenilworth

During the night of 4 into 5 August an offender, swearing gloves, climbed into a vehicle parked outside a home in Lawrence Gardens, Kenilworth and stole cash from the ashtray of the vehicle. Incident 170 of 5 August 2018

Between 5 and 6am on 5 August, a parked on the driveway of another home in Lawrence Gardens was also entered by an offender who smashed the nearside front window and activated the intruder alarm.  The offender carried out a search before making off with a small amount of cash. Incident 440 of 5 August 2018

Southbank Road, Kenilworth

At just after 9.30pm on 6 August, offenders entered the driveway of a home in Southbank Road, Kenilworth and attempted to open the boot of a vehicle parked there.  The security light at the house was activated and the offenders, a male and a female,  quickly made off.  Nothing was stolen. Incident 500 of 5 August  2018

If you think you may have seen or heard something that might be connected with any of these incidents please contact Warwickshire Police on 101.


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  1. Thanks for the update, looks as if there are a lot more opportunist occurrences.

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